Thursday, March 01, 2007

Play the Name Game!

If asked to pick the one thing we admire most about Village Voice Media’s Roster of Talent, it would be the elegant, sophisticated names on it -- no "John Davises" or "Bob Clarks" in this lot. Oh, sure, the alternative press has always embraced a link to the upper-crust geniuses of America’s ancestry, but these VVM folks really know how to fill up a business card! And, so, without further ado, we present the Altweeklydeathwatch Match Game Extravaganza: The list below consists of genuine VVM bylines and the names of 18th century American painters. Can you tell which is which? (No cheating with Wikipedia!)

(1) Peter Rushton Maverick; (2) Andrew Ignatius Vontz; (3) Pieter Vanderlyn; (4) Carrington Fox; (5) Andy Van De Voorde; (6) Nehemiah Partridge; (7) Ernest Barteldes; (8) Benjamin West; (9) Benjamin Westhoff; (10) Jeremiah Theus; (11) Michele Felice Corné; (12) Adam Cayton-Holland; (13) Ben Paynter; (14) Winthrop Chandler; (15) John Nova Lomax; (16) R. Scott Moxley; (17) Francis Guy; (18) Malcom Gay; (19) William Winstanley; (20) Dean C. Minderman

  1. A self-described “newspaper columnist and stand-up comedian in Denver, Colorado
  2. An Anglo-American painter of historical scenes around and after the time of the Revolutionary War
  3. Staff Writer, Kansas City Pitch Weekly
  4. VVM freelancer and former St. Louis Riverfront Times staff writer also known by the pen name “Moribund Orbidund”
  5. American colonial-era painter born on the island of Elba who gained fame for his depictions of naval battles during the War of 1812
  6. Music Editor, Houston Press
  7. An itinerant New England portrait painter of the powerful patrician families of the area, including the Schuylers, Wendells, Ten Broecks, Van Schaicks, Sanders and Livingstons.
  8. Contributing music writer, St. Louis Riverfront Times
  9. Food critic, Nashville Scene
  10. Dutch-born American colonial painter and land speculator
  11. Perhaps the most popular engraver in New York City and environs during the later years of the 18th century
  12. Executive Associate Editor, Village Voice Media
  13. A VVM music freelancer who writes about “people, places, and things at the limits of human experience”
  14. A Florida-based music freelancer for VVM and an ESL teacher
  15. English-born American painter whose portrait of George Washington hangs in the Smithsonian
  16. Staff writer and food critic, St. Louis Riverfront Times
  17. English-born American colonial-era painter who specialized in winter landscapes of Brooklyn
  18. American colonial-era painter best known for some 50 portraits, all of family and neighbors in the Woodstock, NY area
  19. American painter of Swiss birth who advertised in the South Carolina Gazette as a painter of portraits, landscapes, crests, and coats of arms.
  20. Senior Editor, News & Investigations, for O.C. Weekly, and author of a recent story on an Irvine cop who ejaculated on a stripper/motorist


rebecca said...

Now, now. I won't give it away with his name, but the OC Weekly's news editor is probably the finest investigative reporter in California. Yes, he does a lot of crime stuff, but he also gets deep down into all sorts of justice issues, and has more amazing sources than any reporter I've met.

Anonymous said...

Here's a mistake - the freelancer and ESL teacher is not based in FL, but in NYC

Anonymous said...

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