Thursday, March 08, 2007

Stealin' Segal

In our continuing coverage of "hiring week," we wanted to congratulate Dave Segal, the self-described "music journalist and editor who mostly champions unconventional, non-mainstream sounds, innovators, and paradigm-shifters." He is the newest music editor of the OC Weekly. We know that Dave's sterling reputation for unassailable journalistic integrity will be an asset to his new position. To quote the fond farewell offered by The Stranger, "It won’t be an easy job, but if anyone is up for it, it’s him." And, with any luck, a few wayward English comp majors in ad sales.


simonov said...

This is disturbing on two fronts.

First, OC Weekly's first music editor was another Segal, Buddy Seigal, who was not only a great music writer but IMHO one of the best writers of any kind I have encountered in the last ten years. It will be a tough act to follow.

Secondly, though I never pay much attention to the music reporting in the OC Weekly (aside from Buddy's articles, back in the day), one thing that is clear is how the writers and stories present a deep and long history with the (surprisingly to an outsider) rich and vibrant Orange County music scene. It's hard to see how someone from Seattle will be able to carry on this tradition, though I suppose carrying on traditions isn't really the point here.

Anonymous said...

...but Buddy Seigal quit as music editor a LONG time ago. And the last guy they had mostly covered out-of-town bands or Long Beach bands. Dunno Segal's writing, but he has to be an improvement.