Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cover: You're Ass

A tipster writes: "Mary O'Regan is good looking, but to be on the cover of Seattle Weekly AND CP? That's just weird." No, that's synergy!

Cover feature, City Pages, April 4, 2007
"Catwalk Confessional: Jab me with pins! Feed me lettuce! Insult my ass! How I became a (not-so-super) model for Voltage, Minneapolis's rock 'n' roll fashion show," by Mary O'Regan

Cover feature, Seattle Weekly, April 4, 2007
"What You Like: Karla Starr searches for musical love online," by Karla Starr


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Steve Perry speaks! Here's the first interview with City Pages' dearly departed editor.

Anonymous said...

Is that all it takes to get on the cover? To be "cute" or "hot?" Give me a break. Journalism is dead. The truth is buried...just like those "leads" and "nuts." I think I just threw up in my own ass.

Anonymous said...

This blog is tremendous. Nails it all over the place and then some. (How's that for a VVM phrase?)

s4xton said...

Photo of the two side by side.



This is important

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Any idea how credit crunch affected porn?

kelly divine

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