Monday, July 02, 2007

Bylines? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Bylines

Are we back? Who knows. Is this a new post? It sure is. Here at AWDW, we are occasionally accused of not using bylines. Without dredging through those icky comments from months back -- in which ostensibly professional New Times VVM journalists sought to discredit our enterprise (which admittedly seeks to discredit theirs) by stomping around the playground screaming, "BYLINE! BYLINE! FAGGOT! MY DICK IS BIGGER THAN YOURS!" -- let us simply point you to a notable curiosity that occurred this week, in a piece where Mike Lacey flung poo at SF Bay Guardian honcho Bruce Brugmann for the umpteenth time. As it originally appeared online, Mr. Lacey's byline was sittin' right there, like so:

Then, shortly thereafter, it disappeared entirely. Like so:

Why would Mr. Lacey want to have his byline pulled? Could it be because the notion of a busy executive editor of a 17-paper chain (and such a dignified one at that) running around flinging poo at indisputably smaller competitors might be construed as, well, embarrassing? Who can say. At the time of this writing, the byline, like Bigfoot and New Times VVM's dignity, remain missing. If you have information leading to the whereabouts of any of these things, you know where to find us.


Bill Blasko said...

My friend of friends just alerted me to your existence yesterday, when you posted that heart-sinking sayonara message. I'm going to put the printer at work into hyperdrive and make myself hard copies of everything on your blog, just in case something untoward happens. On the company's nickel, natch. What's a job for anyway, if not office supply pilferage? I like to apply Linda Ellerbee's ITP Factor -- "Indignity to Persons." The boss sends me a nastygram, I take a handful of excellent Sanford Uniball Micro pens.

If the ITP Factor were in place at the End Times papers, they wouldn't have the resources to put out a monthly 4-page flyer.

Keep giving us your Magritte-like entries during your caesura. "This is not a blog posting."

A rapt reader said...

Please, please keep posting, my friends. The things you are reporting have been regrettably unreported for years. I sincerely hope you will continue this important mission and will not be intimidated into silence.

blackmail is my life said...

Yes thank you very much please. Would do business again; asset to eBay, A+++!

Welcome back. You've been missed.

Anonymous said...

Newspaper wars are as old as Gutenberg, so lay off Lacey--give us updates on the Hoff!

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